Copper For The Cure

You don't need money to make a difference

We turn your unused cords, wires, and copper into cash. That cash is then DONATED to our selected charities. With one simple task you can be an active participant in reducing waste, helping find a cure, and saving a life.

Three Simple Steps to Donate

Step 1: Find a Box

Reuse any box that was shipped to your house.

Step 2: Fill the Box

Fill this box with anything that plugs into a wall or an electronic. Anything copper can go into this box. Items accepted will give a list of every item with a picture for more clarity.

Step 3: Ship the Box

Click “print shipping label” and fill out the form to receive an email that includes a QR code that can either be presented or printed at your local UPS affiliated store. At this time, you will also see a hyperlink to the closest ups affiliate.

Cut The Cord...

and donate to cancer

By donating the removed cord, you are making a positive impact on the environment and helping save a life

Making a Positive Impact

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide all people, nationwide, the ability to help fight the war on cancer while keeping their hard-earned money.  We are committed to recycling donated cords, wires, and plugs, and turning it into cash to fund a cure. Cancer has touched all of us. By donating now, YOU are bringing everyone closer to a cure. 

Simple Donation Process

Donating Your Unwanted Copper

Simply find a box, fill the box with any unused copper, or copper related items. (extension cords, phone cords, speaker wires, copper piping, etc. ) and then ship it to us using a pre-paid UPS shipping label. We’ll take care of the rest!

Donation Examples

Accepted Items

We accept anything that plugs into a wall or an electronic and anything copper. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding items we accept.

Extension Cords

Cat 5 Wire

HDMI Cords

AV Cords

USB Cords

VGA Cords

Phone Cords

Christmas Lights

Phone Chargers

Cell Phones

Power Cords

Speaker Wire

Electrical Wire

Copper Pipe

Copper Fittings

Brass Fittings

ROMEX   Wire

Household Wire

Bare Wire